MO Summer Camp

Want to learn to Run, Jump Throw? Mississauga Olympians is offering a Summer Camp this year to help youth ages 7-14 with skill development guided by The Long Term Athletic Development framework (LTAD). The camp will consist of specific track and field events in the morning session. The afternoons will consist of playing various team sports and activities, arts and crafts , cooperative games and other team-building games and activities, that complement morning activities. Every child should bring lunch, snacks and a reusable water bottle to camp each day, Please respect that we are a “Nut Aware Environment”.

Some of the track events will include:

* Middle Distance Racing: 400/800 meters
* Longer Distances and Cross Country Running
* Sprints: 60/80/100/200
* Long Jump
* Relays
* Throws

Inclement Weather
In case of bad weather, we will move to shelter in a designated area until it is suitable to restart activities. On rainy days, each child should bring a towel, change of clothing and a rain jacket to camp.

Summer camps will run for 6 weeks from July 3rd-August 11th 2017. Please click here to register.

For more information on our programs please contact us at or 905-997-2713