• Athletes are expected to do their best, play by the rules of the game, and accept losing and winning graciously.
  • Athletes are expected to display a positive and consistent work ethic.
  • Athletes are expected to treat others as they wish to be treated.
  • Athletes are expected to be attentive to their coaches and to follow coaching directives and suggestions.
  • Athletes are expected to refrain from the use of demeaning or belittling language.
  • Athletes are expected to arrive at practices and meets at the times designated by their coaches. Athletes should be ready to go at least 5 minutes before practice.
  • Athletes are expected to arrive ready to compete and represent their team.
  • Athletes are expected to bring any concerns they may have to the attention of their coaches and their parents, knowing it will be dealt with in a confidential manner.
  • Athletes will receive at least two days each week and technical leadership from coaches.
  • Athletes will receive paid entry fees to designated club meets as designed by the Head Coach.
  • Athletes must repay any meet entry fees paid for events in which they are entered but do not participate.
  • Athletes must pay their own facilities training fees to the Toronto Track & Field Centre at York University or Milton Sports Centre.
  • Athletes and parents are responsible for making their own arraignments for traveling to practices and competitions.
  • Athletes are to wear the club competitive uniform in all designated competitions.
  • Athletes must do volunteer work for the club. A volunteer can be designated to fulfill volunteer requirements on behalf of the Athlete (i.e., parents, family members, etc.)