• Parents are expected to support and encourage their child(ren).
  • Help their child learn that success is experienced in the development of their skills and that they can feel good about themselves, win or lose.
  • Parents are expected to encourage and support healthy living through such things as appropriate nutrition, and rest.
  • Be a positive role model through their own actions to make sure their child has the best athletic experience possible.
  • Be a “team” fan, not a “my kid” fan.
  • Show respect for the opposing athletes, coaches, spectators and support groups.
  • Be respectful of all officials’ decisions.
  • Praise athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as athletes and as people.
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the sport.
  • Recognize and show appreciation for outstanding achievement by any athlete.
  • Take time to talk with coaches in an appropriate manner, including proper time and place, if there is a concern.
  • Parents are expected to assist children to get to practice regularly and on time.
  • Inform Coaches if child will be attending a meet by the time requested by the coach.
  • Respect the Coaches decision when it comes to events your child will be participating in.

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