Coaches will decided what events your child will compete in. An email will be sent out confirming the events and meet information. When your child competes’ at a meet they are representing the Mississauga Olympians Track and Field Club and should be wearing Mississauga Olympians colors which are Royal Blue, Navy Blue or Black. If they have Mississauga Olympians warm ups they are to wear them. If you do not have Mississauga Olympians warm ups you can purchase them through the club. We will be selling cotton hoodies, cotton track pants, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts and shorts.

1. Hydration is KEY!! You must hydrate and re-hydrate before, during and after workouts, water is preferred.
2. Wear comfortable running clothes that allow you to breathe and not restrict your movement. Also come dressed for the weather
3. Make sure you have a great pair of running shoes
4. Bring a mat to practice and meets to stretch on
5. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, stop immediately, tell the coach, drink fluids and go to a cool place
6. Listen and ask questions if you don’t understand something.
7. Eat a proper diet, limit snack foods, try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, lean meats and whole grains.
8. Make sure you warm-up and cool-down properly, during and after each workout or meet.

Why We Stretch
1. To decrease the risk of injury, prevent soreness and improve performance
2. To prepare our bodies for the activities we are about to perform
3. To lengthen your muscles and to increase the local blood supply and oxygen
4. To improve your flexibility
5. Relaxed muscles make running easier