Nutrition and Recovery

Top Ten Nutrition Tips For Kids Playing Sports

  1. Make sure your child drinks enough fluids
  2. Children have special fluid needs. Compared to adults, kids are more likely to suffer a heat illness when exercising in the heat.

  3. Practice supplement safety
  4. The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements. There is thus no guarantee of purity, safety or effectiveness.

  5. Optimize muscle recovery
  6. Help young muscles recover fast – have children eat and/or drink a high protein snack within 30 minutes after exercise

  7. Remember pre-exercise meals
  8. A pre-exercise meal is important to prevent hunger and to supply energy to athletes’ working muscles.

  9. Target carbohydrates for energy
  10. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for exercise and the major fuel for the brain.

  11. Protein’s the building block
  12. Protein plays a role in building muscle, fighting infection, and provides signals and controls for tissue growth and maintenance.

  13. Don’t forget some fat
  14. A high-fat diet is not healthy – but neither is a zero-fat diet.

  15. Keep kids’ fuel tanks filled
  16. In addition to healthy meals, provide healthy snacks before and after exercise.

  17. Variety is the spice of life
  18. A healthy lifestyle is all about making choices.

  19. Get your kids energized!
  20. Meet active kids’ energy needs through foods and fluids.



Optimizing Your Recovery Routine

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