Our Programs

The Mississauga Olympians Track and Field Athletic Association offers two programs a Minor Program and Junior Development Program.

Minor Program Available for athletes in grades Sr. kindergarten – 11

The goal of our program is to enhance fitness levels and promote healthy lifestyles. We want our athletes to have fun and to reach their full potential as a track and field athlete. We do this by introducing our athletes to the many different skills involved in the sport of track and field. Our program is aimed to enhance each athlete’s strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Our goal is to improve skill and technique and develop strong healthy individuals while increasing self-esteem, building confidence and leadership. We want all our athletes to learn the value of hard work while making lasting friendships, having fun and enjoy the sport of track and field.

Jr. Development Available for athletes in grades 9 – 12

The Mississauga Olympians provide an exciting opportunity for our athletes in grades 9-12. Our program consists of core training in athletics with 3 days of practice that includes a strength training component. We aim to help our athletes to achieve their goals on and off the track. What you will receive is quality coaching and a great training environment for young people to achieve success in the sport of athletics and their future. Our program emphasis is placed on accountability, athletic development and academic success. The coaching staff will monitor each athlete’s academic success as well as fitness level. Coaches will be talking with parents and athletes to ensure time management and a healthy balance between training, school and nutrition are achieved.